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Protecting our clients since 1938

The Firm, in its original form, was founded in 1938. SutterWilliams, LLC has now been in existence in excess of 80 years in its various iterations.

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Our Practice Areas

Workers' Compensation Defense

SutterWilliams, LLC enjoys a reputation as a well-respected defense firm in the field of workers’ compensation.

Estate Planning


Estate Planning is more than just a will. It saves time & money, avoids big taxes, and protects you. 

Estate Administration


Our goal is to make the entire process as smooth and painless as possible for you and your family.

Federal Black Lung Law

Federal Black Lung law has been a core competency of SutterWilliams, LLC for over 40 years.

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A Firm You Can Trust

Honest, Experienced Lawyers

We strive to provide our services through our core values of Service, Ethics, Trust, Commitment, Accountability and Professionalism.

Modern Legal Care

We work hard to gain and keep the trust of all whom we serve and we have enjoyed a reputation in the industry that portrays our commitment to our clients, work-product and our conduct.

Countless Cases Won

We are familiar with, and have an excellent rapport with Workers’ Compensation Judges and Administrative Law Judges before whom we practice. Our firm enjoys an excellent reputation for being energetic and hard- working and possessing high levels of skill and integrity.

Powerful Testimonials

It’s always word of mouth that’s the best advice.

five stars

SutterWilliams has been a long-term partner for me during my career in workers’ compensation.  Their knowledge and experience has been a tremendous asset to my personal and professional growth.  I cannot thank them enough for their ongoing patience and willingness to answer questions from my staff and me.  They have greatly assisted in the development of multiple Claims personnel that has enabled many individuals to progress their careers in the Workers’ Compensation industry.  I have a great deal of gratitude for Paul Sutter and Toni Williams’ unwavering support.  SutterWilliams is a very valuable law firm with which to partner in the Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Disease industry.”

Steve Wagner

Senior Director, WC Operations, UPMC Workpartners | The People Activation Company

five stars

Having been a long time client of SutterWilliams, they provide outstanding legal service for workers’ compensation and Federal Black Lung claims. Their expertise is spot on, they are dependable, pay great attention to detail and always having our best interest at heart.”

Lisa Davis

Senior Self Insured Account Executive, The Matrix Companies

five stars

Paul and Toni are results-driven attorneys skilled at their profession with experience that spans over decades.  It’s been my privilege to work with them over the course of my career and I promise you will be more than satisfied with their knowledge, aggressiveness and commitment to excellence in providing the best possible outcomes.

Jeremy Ewing

Claims Supervisor, Commercial Workers’ Compensation, UPMC Workpartners | The People Activation Company

five stars

“Attorneys Paul Sutter and Toni Williams consistently provide the best legal service that I have experienced in over four decades of handling Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims. Their experience, knowledge and skill allow them to handle any claim situation to the most appropriate conclusion. Paul and Toni collaboratively work with me to identify and implement strategies to defend cases, and vigorously pursue the evidence necessary for this purpose. Their reputation as skilled legal practioners provides a distinct advantage for the employers and insurers whose claims they handle whether it is to decision or settlement. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for attorneys who will do their utmost to represent their interests on workers’ compensation matters to the best possible outcome.”

Robert Quehl, CPCU

Senior Claims Representative| Pittsburgh Claims, BITCO Insurance Companies | Old Republic Insurance Group

five stars

I have been in the workers compensation business for approximately 35 years, and I have worked with the attorneys at SutterWilliams for approximately 21 years. SutterWilliams has handled a wide variety of workers’ compensation claims in Pennsylvania on our behalf. They understand the expectations of the courts for fair judgements for all the parties involved. SutterWilliams is extremely caring and compassionate when dealing with their clients.

Karl H Vogle

Claims Supervisor, Old Republic Insurance Company

five stars

“For over 50 years, Old Republic Insurance Company has utilized the services of the various defense attorneys who have worked for the law firm which recently morphed into SutterWilliams. SutterWilliams has handled workers’ compensation claims in the jurisdictions of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. They have handled FBL claims for Old Republic since its inception in 1973.  They have defended our claims from receipt of the Notice of Claim through appeals to the Third Circuit.  The attorneys have and continue to apply their excellent knowledge of the Regulations and case law, but more importantly, the understanding of the science involved in pneumoconiosis.  We have been and continue to be most pleased with their aggressive representation.  They want to win and that is reflected in their claim evidentiary development (i.e. physicians chosen for IME’s, depositions, etc.).  Old Republic Insurance plans on keeping SutterWlliams as our defense counsel for many more years.”

Betsey J Sellers

Manager, Workers' Compensation Unit, Old Republic Insurance Company

five stars

“I have handled WC claims for over 40 years… all 50 states and a number of territories.  Paul Sutter and Toni Williams are the kind of WC attorneys that need to be used.  Period.  They thoroughly investigate matters, provide their expert opinion based on their truly vast experience with ALL the players –  judges, regulators, plaintiff attorneys, and medical professionals. They are the best law ‘partners’ that I have ever worked with in handling WC claims.”

Wil Klipfel

Claims Manager, Pittsburgh Claims, BITCO Insurance Companies