Social media has the unique ability to target specific customers and enhance brands by positive word of mouth.  Online platforms have proven to be useful tools for professionals to advertise and enhance their business.  For instance, take the real estate market.  While realtors use to hold open houses and post signs through neighbors, they have more recently taken to social media in an effort to sale a property.  Realtors can post pictures, virtual walk-throughs, and property details all through their social media.  With one click their post can be plastered on four different social media sites.  People that have used that particular realtor can then share that post, reaching an extended market, all with little to no effort. 

Want to use social media to help enhance your business?  Here is how:

  • GATHER INFORMATION – look at other social media sites and gather information as to what types of posts are most receptive. Do people like more information or less?  Are people drawn to photographs as opposed to witty phrases?  Use that information to pinpoint your market.
  • BE REALISTIC – show the readers what type of services you offer and why those services matter. Provide statistics regarding your personal business.  How many years of experience do you have?  What areas does your business service?
  • SHARING IS CARING – not only do you want to provide social media posts of your own, but you want to draw attention to your business by sharing other posts that may be important to your business. For instance, perhaps your business likes to give back to your community.  Share a post of another organization giving back to the community and post more information about how others can help!
  • HAVE FUN – Social media is meant to be a platform for information and promotion of that information, but it does not have to be all business. Share fun facts, office holiday parties, charity events, etc. These posts give your page that personal touch!